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About Us

Grow Your Business with Inspired Elegance

Roan Hammond: Pioneering Affordable Luxury in Fragrance

In the heart of South Africa, Roan Hammond, a visionary parfumier, is redefining luxury in the fragrance world. Understanding the aspirations of the people, he founded Inspired French Perfumes to meet a unique need: affordable, brand-inspired luxury.

A Fragrance for Every Dream

Roan's expertise lies in blending the essence of iconic perfumes with top-quality French oils, creating scents that resonate with aspirations of affluence and prestige. His creations are about making luxury accessible, allowing everyone to feel and exude wealth in their own distinctive way.

Your Brand, Your Signature Scent

Inspired French Perfumes goes a step further by empowering entrepreneurs to market these inspired scents under their own personal brand. This unique business model is not just about selling perfume; it's about offering a platform for individuals to express their identity through their very own fragrance brand.

Embracing Affordability with Elegance

Roan’s commitment to affordability without compromising on quality is what sets Inspired French Perfumes apart. His vision is to bring the glamour of high-end fragrances within reach, enabling people to indulge in the luxury they admire at a fraction of the cost.

Join the Scented Revolution

With Inspired French Perfumes, Roan Hammond invites you to be part of a scented revolution - where luxury is accessible, and your entrepreneurial spirit finds its perfect match in a bottle of perfume. Embrace this journey of affordable elegance and let your fragrance tell your story of aspiration and success.