The Wellspring


The Wellspring

Thank you for taking the time to give such detailed and valuable input into your personality questionnaire. Your answers will allow AuraVera to work with meticulous precision and create a perfume that captures and preserves the essence of who you are.

The unsurpassed knowledge and expertise used to create your bespoke perfume will make you stand out from the crowd. One of a kind. A genuine original.

Do you want to know the results of your personality questionnaire?

Michel, our in-house scent psychologist, can now reveal that your questionnaire answers show your personality type to be The Wellspring.

Wellsprings are people with tremendous reserves of empathy. It is a rare gift they have, to first walk a mile in another man’s shoes before passing judgement. Their patience and kindness are other notable characteristics for which Wellsprings are valued.

Because you can read any person like a book, you instinctively understand how to persuade them ever so gently and patiently bring them over to your own way of thinking about a particular matter. The people in your life however value how observant you are. They trust you because they know that your intentions with them are always good.

You can face the most overwhelming obstacles with quiet and calm joy, always finding a pragmatic and suitable solution to the problem at hand. You carry yourself with honour and dignity and find tremendous joy in the simple pleasures of life.

Integrity is everything to you and you always keep your word. You know right from wrong and have absolutely no qualms about standing up for a cause you believe in. Your passion is always for the greater good and for hopeful change that can make the world better and the future brighter.

Wellsprings love their own freedom. The red tape of bureaucracy is something they would much rather avoid. They also don’t enjoy conflict and are peaceful by nature.

Your personality is best suited to fragrances from the Chypre and Oriental genealogies. In these groups, perfumes with a combination of citrus, spicy and herbaceous notes that are further tinged with woody, fruity notes are the perfect match for you.

Wearing perfumes designed specifically for you by the AuraVera parfumier will bring out your love of beautiful things and your artistic temperament. At the same time, your peaceful nature will be accentuated, and you will radiate this positive energy for the rest of the world’s benefit.

Now that we have gained such a thorough understanding of your personality, order your unique perfume to complete this speciality scent journey. We will create your signature fragrance and have it delivered to you in person.

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