The Northern Star


The Northern Star

Thank you for taking the time to give such detailed and valuable input into your personality questionnaire. Your answers will allow AuraVera to work with meticulous precision and create a perfume that captures and preserves the essence of who you are.

The unsurpassed knowledge and expertise used to create your bespoke perfume will make you stand out from the crowd. One of a kind. A genuine original.

Do you want to know the results of your personality questionnaire?

Val, our in-house scent psychologist, can now reveal that your questionnaire answers show your personality type to be The Northern Star.

Northern Stars are people who burn bright as a guiding light to everyone else around them. They inspire other people because of their honesty and commitment to the truth.

Doing the right thing is profoundly important to any Northern Star. You are the heroes who believe unfalteringly that good is a positive force in this world. To borrow the infamous words of Martin Luther King, Jr., Northern Lights never lose sight of their fervent belief that, although the arc of the moral universe is long, it always bends towards justice.

Your creativity is one of your best attributes. It enables you to imagine positive actions and outcomes that wouldn’t normally occur to most other personality types. Together with this, you are a force to be reckoned with because of your considerable insight into the workings of the world. Despite being a dreamer and someone who clings to the concept of hope, you are not a naïve person at all.

Because of your habit to have honest conversations with the people you encounter in your life, they trust you and share as much of their heart and soul with you as you always share with them. Reaching out to others is a personal strength that has helped you build meaningful relationships to support you for the rest of your life.

Northern Stars are peace lovers with hearts of gold. They can be soft-spoken but always stand their ground – their quietness masks an inner conviction that is unshakable. They make capable leaders whose excellent decisions are always influenced by a healthy dose of generous compassion from their hearts to balance the thoughtfulness from their heads.

People like you believe in living a life with purpose and meaning. Going the extra mile is an important part of your actions towards others and you also give due recognition to other people when they do the same for you.

You can be a perfectionist and you sometimes help your fellow humans at a cost to yourself, which of course makes it important for you to choose your battles carefully. Fortunately, you have a talent for thinking things through carefully, so you learn from mistakes quickly and can see clearly how to make the necessary course corrections in your life.

The science behind your beautiful personality reveals that people like you are best suited to fragrances that come from the Floral genealogy – which includes perfumes that incorporate a combination of spicy, fruity-floral and woody notes, as well as fresh-fruity and floral-green notes.

Wearing custom-made perfumes like these, which are designed especially with you as an individual and your personality type in mind, will anchor you on your path through life. AuraVera’s personalised perfumes will accentuate your very best personality traits so that you can keep on being a wise and experienced guide to others when they need you.

Now that we have gained such a thorough understanding of your personality, order your unique perfume to complete this speciality scent journey. We will create your signature fragrance and have it delivered to you in person.

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