The Grace


The Grace

Thank you for your thoughtful answers to the questionnaire. Your detailed responses will enable us to work with painstaking thoroughness to match your personality with your own unique fragrance. With AuraVera’s expertise and technology, you will align your authentic self with a custom-made perfume.

Are you curious to know about your personality?

Val, our in-house scent psychologist, can reveal that your personality type shows up as The Grace.

Courage is grace under pressure. The ability to face the most daunting challenges without getting flustered. People with the quality of Grace always stand their ground while remaining calm and efficient in everything they do. It’s a creative energy that allows them to overcome obstacles even without messing up their hair!

You respond with grace even when others don’t. The people around you greatly value this elegance and charm. These traits set you apart from the crowd and make you stand out as a first-class individual.

Possessing Grace means that you are the perfect host. People love you for your warmth and approachability. You are perfectly attuned to everyone’s needs and know how to make them feel perfectly at ease. You can masterfully manage any group’s social dynamics and your logistical savvy means that any special event you host will be remembered for years to come as a once-in-a-lifetime extraordinary party.

You feel perfectly at home when you are in a structured environment. Managing everything with the poise that you do is a high-wire balancing act that requires grit, thoughtfulness and organisation.

Whenever conflict arises, Graceful people address this directly and implement immediate and decisive solutions. Your instinct is for harmony and cooperation so that you and your home are often viewed as a sanctuary to the people who love you. Your grace inevitably rubs off on other people and allows them to flourish.

Based on your inspiring personality traits, perfumes from the Oriental genealogy will be ideally suited to enhance and complement the remarkable person that you are. The fragrances that are a perfect match for you will consist of a combination of ambery and Oriental notes, tinged with herbaceous and citrus, floral notes.

Wearing perfumes designed especially according to your personality will make you feel right at home in any situation and accentuate the classy person you are.

Now that we have gained such a thorough understanding of your personality, order your unique perfume to complete this speciality scent journey. We will create your signature fragrance and have it delivered to you in person.

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