The Futurist


The Futurist

Thank you for your thoughtful answers to the questionnaire. Your detailed responses will enable us to work with painstaking thoroughness to match your personality with your own unique fragrance. With AuraVera’s expertise and technology, you will align your authentic self with a custom-made perfume.

Are you curious to know about your personality?

Val, our in-house scent psychologist, can reveal that your personality type shows up as The Futurist.

As with any Futurist, describing you as a visionary is wholly appropriate and completely true. Other people may shy away from challenges and the uncertainties of change, but you embrace it, anticipate it and know how to exploit it to your advantage.

Together with this vision, there are other admirable personality traits that define you. You show tremendous dedication to realizing your many goals. Nothing can come between you and the things you are determined to achieve. The future brings many new and exciting opportunities, and you are always hungry for them.

People who know always look to the future are obviously dreamers too. This means that you have a creative spirit and are always making beautiful plans. If you seem distant at all to those around you, it’s because you are always thinking about how best to make your magnificent plans into something tangible and real.

Futurists are thinkers, through and through. This however does not mean that they are cold people whose minds are always disappearing into irrelevant and abstract realms of thought. The things they think about matter profoundly to humankind. And this quality of genius is something that makes Futurists matter to the rest of us. Without the dreams and plans of people like you, we would all still be stuck in the Stone Age.

The fragrances best suited to your personality belong to the Oriental and Floral genealogies. This means that perfumes with a combination of ambery and oriental notes that are tinged with floral and green notes are perfect choices.

Choosing a perfume that has been designed specifically with your personality and its valuable talents in mind will ground you in the present moment while also giving you the wings you need to fly, catch those dreams and bring them home.

Now that we have gained such a thorough understanding of your personality, order your unique perfume to complete this speciality scent journey. We will create your signature fragrance and have it delivered to you in person.

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