Magically Malleable


Magically Malleable

Your answers enable AuraVera to work with meticulous precision and create a perfume that captures and preserves the essence of who you are.

The unsurpassed knowledge and expertise used to create your bespoke perfume will make you stand out from the crowd. One of a kind. A genuine original.

Do you want to know the results of your personality questionnaire?

Val, our in-house scent psychologist, can now reveal that your questionnaire answers show your personality type to be Magically Malleable.

Malleables are Magical because of their remarkable ability to adapt their personality to the needs of the people surrounding them. This flexibility is not due to any lack of authenticity but should rather be attributed to the extraordinary reserves of empathy that people with this personality possess.

Don’t think of this as the behaviour of a chameleon who only changes his colouring to blend in and not be noticed. The whole point of being malleable is being noticed and resonating with fellow human beings to make a connection.

Your talent and genius as someone who is Magically Malleable involve knowing instinctively what it’s like to walk in another person’s shoes. If only we all had this remarkable inquisitiveness and curiosity about other people, the world would be a much better place. Malleable individuals generally don’t point fingers at other people, because of their deep understanding of where other people come from.

Whenever you want to, you can be an excellent team player, because you love being around others and feeding off their energy. Talking to them is effortless – and whether you engage in small talk or big talk, it’s all the same to you: a beautiful chance to create harmony and mutual respect through the lost art of conversation.

Malleability is not only about other people. It should also be regarded as a useful life skill that allows you to pivot and choose the best path forward in any tricky situation. Having boundless empathy is not only about looking out for other people. Sometimes it can also be an advantage that helps to protect you.

The science behind your exceptional personality reveals that you are adaptable to different types of perfumes. You can’t be pinned down to embracing a favourite genealogy and the fragrance notes that appeal to you change along with your moods.

AuraVera has nevertheless designed custom-made perfumes specifically with the Magically Malleable personality type in mind. With our perfectly curated fragrances, you will find a variety of perfumes that accentuate your strength to go with the flow and always make the most of it.

The very last thing you’d want as someone who’s Malleable is to wear a generic perfume that can’t possibly capture your unique and changeable nature.

Now that we have gained such a thorough understanding of your personality, order your unique perfume to complete this speciality scent journey. We will create your signature fragrances and have them delivered to you in person.

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