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Own your personalized fragrance, handcrafted from the best French oils

Receive messages from abandoned corners of your mind.


“This is you…”

An Online quiz:


Artisan blending:


Sense of scent:


An intimate journey of self-awareness

“Ramp up your strengths in pursuit of relevance.”


Come to your scents

The name AuraVera is derived from two Latin Words


A breeze or the soft movement of air




AuraVera is the refreshed feeling you experience when softly moving air touches your skin unexpectedly.

A tugging connection with the fragility of life that surrounds you and an authentic moment of feeling truly alive.

Now add a magnificent scent to this goosebumps sensation. The column of air gently surrounding you is animated with a complex fragrance.

It is in this moment, when you fully engage your olfactory sense along with all the others, that your existence bursts open.

The AuraVera experience paints your life in multitudinous colours and textures that give the very act of being alive such richly textured meaning.

The connection between perfume and personality is like an old-fashioned radio tuning in to a song.

Once you hear even a fragment of that music, the mood of the song sets you free.

Layer your fragrances to match your mood, or adjust them according to the seasons of your life.

Quality Perfume Components

The savoir-faire of natural ingredients – all the way from the cradle of perfumery.

AuraVera uses top-quality and long-lasting oils from one of the oldest perfume ateliers in the world.

Even though your exclusive Eau de Parfum is made to order, it contains secrets and knowledge that is more than 200 years old.

An enticing sensory experience,

that lingers…

In the 18th century perfumers made individual perfumes based on interviews with the perfume wearer.

In our lifetime, this practice watered down to perfume being suggested through the wearer’s preference of a coloured rosette.

At AuraVera we locate your perfume

genealogy through our quiz.

Bespoke Perfumery

Open yourself up to a Symphony of Scent

This is an invitation to have a sensory lift-off with your handcrafted Scentient Selection.

Your personality is the key to unlocking the fragrant secrets of your perfumes.

Joining the AuraVera orbit all starts with a personality quiz.

The more information you provide the finer the results. Every answer matters.

A drop of psychology, a dash of data science and a whiff of memory of days that were magic.

Your niche perfume orbit opens up with a

Scentient Selection

Three 30ml handcrafted perfumes, blended for you personally; wrapped in a collectable cotton scarf designed by brilliant artists.

Your favourite fragrance is available in

30 ml

50 ml

100 ml

When you order the 100ml size, you have the complimentary option of naming the perfume yourself; thus having a custom label.

Further value is provided with a personal Perfume Page. This is the start of your own Fragrance Archive where the secret formulas to your fragrances are kept.

You will learn everything about layering perfumes and adjusting your singular scent according to season.

Smelling a fresh start already?

Making sense as a Scent Maker


A father, a freestyle philosopher and fashionista who has been on top of his game even before many started playing.

He wouldn’t say it himself… But – that he brought designer apparel names to our wardrobes, and Italian quality to our interiors – is a fact.

He always had a secret weapon though.

One that the is willing to share with the world.

His nose.

As a boy he already had an appreciation for smell:

Lemongrass scented floor polish, mouthwatering fresh bread, powdery fabric softener.

But the day he smelled Agarwood really changed his life.

Suddenly I realised my ability to conceptualize things, to look at second- and third order consequences…

At that moment that ability felt akin to a supernatural power.

I had to share it with the world.

The complex fragrance of Agarwood struck a chord so deep within the then serious businessman,

that he had to “strike the bell and bide the danger” of following his own Nose.

For those flying with their own wings

You moved beyond buying from billboards.

AuraVera is the fragrant mist to remind the non-conformist to stay curious.

You choreograph your life, you are not a curated piece in another man’s show.

AuraVera is for those who calm themselves in a storm.

Men and women who are smart enough to understand, know thyself is key to grow thyself.



What if my taste change over time? Will you change my perfume for me?

It is true that we change over time. Yes, you can have new perfume created for you.

How long does it take to get my perfume?

That depends how busy we are. We don’t rush our orders.

But you could have it as soon as in 48 – 56 hours.

Do you deliver internationally?

AuraVera is only available in South Africa at the moment.

Do you also make Eau de toilette?

We only make perfume.

How long will AuraVera last on me?

It will last 12 hours.

Fragrance and the being of being

Understanding how it connects…

At AuraVera we have spent plenty of time thinking about our passion.

Can perfume really do all this?

Perfumery consists of a using top notes, heart notes and base notes.

We consist of having a body, a soul and a spirit.

Is it mere coincidence that – like a first look – the top note reaches the nose first.

Only later are you aware of the soulful heart notes…

But it is the base notes’ sillage, the trail left in the perfume wearer’s wake, that often stirs the spirit…

With the 3-fold Scentient Selection,

we invite you to

be introduced to your

top notes

know your soulful heart notes

enhance the spirit of

your base notes.

Through the nose, to your mind, into your hands.

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