AuraVera Perfect Christmas Gift

Celebrate Christmas With the Magical Gift of Perfume

Designed according to the unique personalities of the people you love

Fill Your Festive Season with the Wonders of Fragrance

Bespoke Creations that Match Your Personality

Sourced From the Highest Quality Ingredients

Perfumes that Liberate Your Authentic Self

Find the true nature and purpose of fragrance

A Christmas Gift For Someone To Treasure

People often give generously when they celebrate life’s many milestones and festivals.

We communicate our love to others on special occasions like a birthday, graduation, marriage or at Christmas by giving them a thoughtful present.

A signature perfume is a perfect gift for someone you love at Christmas, to build heartfelt memories that will last you both a lifetime.

Discover the connections between someone special’s personality and the exquisite delights of signature perfumes.

The AuraVera Questionnaire

AuraVera’s individualised perfumes accentuate the best qualities in anyone’s personality.

Invite your loved ones to take the Quiz to decode and chart their personality.

This enables us to design and layer their ideal fragrance accords into a trio of gorgeous perfumes.

They then receive three handcrafted 30ml perfumes from our popular Scentient selection.

Give someone special the opportunity to find an authentic fragrance they can call their very own.

(in Latin, true breeze)

AuraVera is the refreshed feeling you experience when softly moving air touches your skin unexpectedly.

An authentic moment of feeling truly alive. A tugging connection with the most wondrous sensations of human existence.

When the air that gently surrounds you carries your signature fragrance, your senses are engaged and your existence bursts open in a joyous celebration of your true self.

Unleash your individuality through a perfume that’s Only You.

Give AuraVera perfume as a gift to yourself

Roan Hammond

The AuraVera parfumier

Roan Hammond grew up being fascinated with irresistible scents like lemongrass floor polish, mouth-watering fresh bread and powdery fabric softener.

His superpower is an olfactory one – a remarkable ability to distinguish and appreciate the complex world of scent and fragrance. His life and reason for being are therefore dedicated to the art of perfumery.

Roan is a father, freestyle philosopher and fashionista who is on a mission to match and accentuate your unique personality with bespoke design perfumes.



How long does it take to get my perfume?

We don’t rush our orders. But you should have it within two or three days, depending on how busy we are.

Do you deliver internationally?

AuraVera is only available in South Africa at the moment.

Where do you source your perfume ingredients?

AuraVera uses only the highest quality French oils from one of the oldest ateliers in the world.

Celebrate Christmas with perfumes that were made to resonate with the people you love.

Personalised fragrances will set your gifts apart from the other presents under the Christmas tree.

Come to your scents and make perfume a regular festive tradition in your family.

Christmas is the perfect time to begin this enticing journey.

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